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Thank You, Vibe Tribe  

Only first names or initials are EVER used in my Testimonies. Privacy matters because it safeguards personal autonomy, fosters trust, and protects against misuse of sensitive information. It empowers individuals to control their data, maintain personal boundaries, and ensure a free and democratic vibr tribe.

Coach Sal has been an incredible support in my journey to overcome vaping addiction. Within just 4 weeks, he not only helped me break the habit but also added unexpected value to my health and personal life. Highly recommend his guidance and expertise.


Training with Sal was life-changing. I shed fat, gained muscle, and embraced a healthier diet. His personalized approach and unwavering support made all the difference. Highly recommend!"


"Coach Salvatore's guidance was instrumental in my victory over nicotine. within our 2nd session which was intense my desires ended, he transformed not only my toxic habit but also my overall understanding on why I even started. His support and expertise are invaluable. Thank you Salvatore."


Coach Sal's in-home kickboxing, personal training, and nutrition coaching not only transformed my fitness but also improved my health. Under his guidance, my triglycerides and LDL cholesterol lowered significantly. His holistic approach delivers results beyond expectations  


I never laughed so much while being tortured lol, Sal is off the chain! Warning tho, be ready for unusual techniques and know this, your free complementary consultation will become a test on IF he thinks your truly ready. 

The Raven 

Life Coach Salvatore's online courses changed my life. I conquered procrastination and low self-worth, shedding bad habits among my destroying my attraction to toxic man. Grateful for his guidance. Love you Coach (:

A Vibe Triber 

Coach Sal is a game-changer! His expertise spans gaining muscle, shedding belly fat, enhancing golf performance, and breaking bad my sugar addiction. Under his guidance, I achieved remarkable physical gains (& I am over 60), honed my golf skills, and conquered unhealthy repeat self-thoughts. Sal's holistic approach and unwavering support make him a top-tier coach for transformative results.

God Bless & Thank Sal


What a Good Guy...

What most attracted me to Coach Salvatore Cancassi was his openness to share his own challenged past. 

I was addicted to Adderall bad and I learnt so much from Salvatore. Had no clue my blood work results would come back so scary until my savior started to teach me.

Today I am drug free,, and my vitamin and mineral blood levels are back to normal. Even my kids see their Daddy with so much more love.

One warning though, this man will do some crazy techniques LOL!! Thanks Mr. C   


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