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Meet The Coach


Over 30 Years Experience

Coach Salvatore is truly unique: 1) Comprehensive Health Assessment 2) Customized Program / Including Nutrient             3) Creating Leverage to Guarantee Your Success 4) Making Your Journey Enjoyable & Rewarding 5) Overview of personal standards & personal values 6) Breaking Bad Habits / Addictions. The Coach say’s regardless of where your starting, making it suitable and realistic is where it all begins. Life Is Happening for Us, Not to Us! 

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Salvatore Cancassi

Founder & Chief Executive Officer 


Professional Summary:

~Life Coach / Retired Law Enforcement Private Sector

License In NJ & CA

Mr. Salvatore Cancassi / Coach Salvatore is a dedicated and empathetic Coach with a passion for helping individuals & businesses achieve growth, overcome obstacles, and unlock their full potential. With a warm and supportive approach, he creates a safe and non-judgmental space for clients to explore personal and business goals, develop self-awareness, and make positive changes. Salvatore’s expertise lies in empowering individuals to enhance their self-confidence, improve overall relationships, use stress to their advantages, and find fulfillment in both personal and professional domains.


Health, Fitness, Nutrient, Business Consulting, Crushing Bad Habits

Main: 732.801.1443

Personal & Business Development 
Coach Salvatore guides owners, managers, clients and students in discovering their strengths, values, and passions to create a clear vision for their success. Through personalized goal-setting techniques and strategic action plans, he will assist clients in making sustainable changes and cultivating a sense of purpose and fulfillment.
Relationship Enhancement:
With a focus on communication skills and emotional intelligence, he helps clients build healthier and more fulfilling “relationships”. He provides guidance in resolving conflicts, improving boundaries, and enhancing intimacy, both in romantic partnerships and other personal connections.
Success Starts from the Approach:

Coach Salvatore adopts a holistic approach to Symmetry Coaching, considering the interconnectedness of various aspects of an individual's life. He utilizes evidence-based techniques such as cognitive-behavioral approaches, positive psychology, diagnose old beliefs, creates new beliefs, learn self-values, new standards and awareness practices to support his clients/students in their journey towards personal growth and fulfillment.


With Coach Sal’s compassionate guidance and expertise, clients/students can gain clarity, create positive change, and embark on a path of personal transformation while eliminating old negative "roots". 

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